Ampere Business Services

Powering growth to small businesses


After 25 years in capital markets serving institutional clients from a large bank, I saw an opportunity for growth in small business, an underserved, but hugely important, segment of the US economy. We started Ampere Business Services, Inc. in 2015, primarily offering payment processing and expansion planning. After several months, it became clear how important digital marketing and communication products were to growing small businesses. This led to relationships with providers such as N-Compass TV of Colorado, for digital signage, and Empyr of California on digital marketing, along with several local providers of web development, social media and SEO services and videographers, photographers and graphic arts teams on content. Since a number of clients own the shopping centers in which they operate, Ampere was able to introduce providers of energy efficiency products to help clients maximize efficiencies, take advantage of tax incentives and improve their bottom lines. Although nothing comes easy, the opportunities for growth clearly outnumber the obstacles and we look toward the future with interest.
Mike McGowan, President


Ampere has a growing team of professionals in Consulting and Sales. We encourage relationship building among entrepreneurs, with the goal to identify and solve our clients' problems. Our primary geographic focus is Long Island and the eastern boroughs of New York City, but we service clients along the east and west coasts.